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Trish Solliday

Trish is a health equity manager who leads the consulting work for Boston Scientific’s Close the Gap health initiative. She uses the art of storytelling and discovery to help physicians address the disparities of care that women and minorities face while also leveraging her project management and six sigma training to advise health care providers on effective health equity programs to close the disparity gap in specialty cardiovascular care.

Trish has more than 20 years of Research and Development experience. She joined Boston Scientific in 2009 as a Senior R&D engineer with an Engineering Master of Science degree. Two key realizations shaped her career. First, during her time in R&D she noticed there was a lack of representation of Black physicians visiting the company for product education.  Second, through her personal journey with Lupus she also realized the lack of diverse patient enrollment in clinical trials.  These experiences propelled Trish to pivot her passion from designing products to creating opportunities to reach diverse physicians and patients with our products. She enrolled in an evening MBA program and transitioned her career path from R&D to Human Resources in 2019 when she joined Close the Gap.  It is here where her passion meets preparation, and she shares how medical implicit bias impacts the quality of patient specialty care. Trish spends every day working with health care providers and systems to close the health equity gap.  Trish lives in Minnesota with her husband Scott, and three children, Jordyn (21), Garrison (19), and Josiah (15) and enjoys spending time in nature with her family.

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